February 24, 2018 February 24 2018

For your consideration:
This is the UNITED States of America.  Not the DIVIDED States.  It is the land of OPPORTUNITY.  Not the land of ENTITLEMENT.  Here you are guaranteed the right to PURSUE happiness.  Not guaranteed you will OBTAIN it.  When did we as a nation forget that?  When did willful ignorance, sloth, and under-achieving not only become permissible, but the standard?  When did tearing your neighbor down become a better choice than building your neighbor up?
This country was made great by people from every walk of life and corner of the globe who came here hoping for just the CHANCE at a better life, and willing to work as hard as it took to get it. Now that greatness is being sullied by people who feel life owes them something they have not earned.  We, as a society, have lost our moral compass and chosen to place our hope and faith in the false gods of consumerism and material possessions rather than character, diligence, sacrifice, and achievement.  Is a billionaire worth more than the police officer who patrols our streets or the teacher who educates our youth? Does a professional athlete deserve more glory than the soldier on the battlefield or the pipe fitter who keeps your furnace running?  Should a politician's voice be heard above that of a nurse who tirelessly tends to the sick or a small business owner who drives our economy?  The answer is "no", and we all know it.  We are dependent on one another.  It's time we realized that, gave each other the respect we deserve, and got on the same page. Stop looking for the differences in people and starting finding the common ground.  Much more can be accomplished with allies than enemies. Life isn't easy or fair.  Accept it and keep going despite that fact.  That doing the right thing may require more effort, or be unpopular, or uncomfortable does not diminish its crucial importance.  So set the standard.  Be brave.  Be honest.  Help those in need.  Take pride in your work.  Listen with an open mind.  Learn.  Strive for excellence in all things.  Be strong.  Learn from failure, but do not accept it.  Be kind.  Be charitable.  Put others before yourself.  Do not seek recognition or accolade.  Be grateful.  Protect your families and your communities.  Fight the good fight.  Hold the line.  And NEVER EVER GIVE UP.
If you believe this, as we do, share it.  Repost it.  Tell your friends and family and ask that they do the same.  Thank you.
Respectfully, and with gratitude for all of you and all that you do,
Your countrymen at Modern Savage