March 3, 2018 March 03 2018

You want respect? Earn it. Pay your dues. Check your ego. Put your mouth piece in, get in the game, and GRIND. There are no shortcuts to true success. Greatness is revered because it is HARD. Because you CAN'T BUY IT. So get ready to lose. Again and again. Get ready to be humbled. To fall. To get crushed. Because that's the price. And it must be paid. And every time you come up short, or can't breath, or taste your own blood you will have to decide if it's worth it. And only you can answer that question, because you are the one that has to get up and get back in the ring, or in the classroom, or on the job. And if you do reach your goal, you will have to ask yourself if you're done. Is that it? Are you satisfied? Are you hanging it up...or are you on to the next challenge? The next test. The next evolution of yourself. Remember how hard it was before. How much it took. Are you ready for more? Are you sure? That is LIFE. It is the difference between LIVING and just BEING. Living is to embrace the PROCESS. It is understanding that what matters most in life is not what you achieve, but HOW you achieve it. With integrity, determination, passion, and grit. Life is finite. You have only so much time. How will you use it? No matter how much or how little you have achieved in life, today is a new day and the opportunity to decide that you will assume control of your life, that you resolve yourself to pay the price, to make yourself better, and to attain rep, one page, one day at time.

Respect to the one who gave this. To the one who earned it. To the price paid. To the process.

Relentless determination. Unwavering resolve.

Modern Savage