Ultimately, success in any form is determined by two factors: Desire & Effort.
At Modern Savage, this is our ethos. Our way of life. Our creed.

In a world where more and more people are content to experience life vicariously
through multi-media, where mediocrity is encouraged and celebrated, and where
quitting is deemed acceptable;

Modern Savage is Fighting Back.

We’re not looking for loopholes.  We’re not here to take the easy way out,
and we don’t accept excuses.  We believe in hard work, toil, and sweat.
We believe that great achievement, like respect, must be earned.
We represent all people, and believe that an individual’s quality is determined
by their character and the greatness of their deeds.

Modern Savage represents an unwavering commitment to excellence.
We believe that superior physicality and superior intellect are symbiotic
rather than mutually exclusive, and that only through training and development
of the “whole self” can an individual’s full potential be realized.

Modern Savage Believes That Living a Life Less Than
That Which We Are Capable Of, is a Life Half-Lived.

We promote a natural, positive, engaged lifestyle. Every day holds the possibility
of adventure, new experiences, and the chance to make ourselves better than we
were the day before. It is this understanding that fuels our passion for life. 
We lead by example, knowing that as we achieve excellence ourselves;
we motivate those around us to do the same.

We at Modern Savage stand together, ready for challenges ahead; whatever
and wherever they may be. If you possess the desire and are willing to put forth
the effort, we invite you to join our ranks and...

Become A Modern Savage.​